Michael Jordan was born in New York, but spent his early years traveling the world; making his way through the best of every city, sampling delicacies, seeking out secret spots, and making friends with locals and long lost family. His appreciation for culture and design stems from a lifelong thrill of adventure and time spent with fascinating characters along the way.

Drawing inspiration from day dreams and food scenes, Michael's works are a mix of the global and the gourmand - Canvases alive with signature cut-outs and splashy text. A whimsical style that lends itself to being displayed in the privacy of a home or at the exposure of the streets. 

When not working late nights at his studio, you will find him crushing it on the tennis court, soy dipping salmon sushi, and listening to the Gipsy Kings on repeat. 

City kids never lose their spark. 

Currently: Los Angeles, California